News Item: Super Raelian Celebration in Romania, between 5-8 of October!
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joi 20 august 2020

Hello everyone! Facebook event here

The Raelian movement in Romania invites you to a very special event, namely the Convention to Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the second meeting between Rael and Elohim, our human Creators from space and from .... the Bible!

The event will be led by several Raelian Guides from Europe, including Gabriela Dolanska, of Slovak origin, established in Romania since 2011.

The convention will be held in English and Romanian, with translations by both parties, when the situation requires it.

The culminating moment will take place on October 7, when we will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the second meeting between Rael and Elohim, also then, from 15.00, there is also the chance that all those who want this, to officially recognize our Creators, thus becoming Raelians.

We have the great pleasure to wait for you all in a fabulous location, namely at the Ranch Pension Poiana Marului, located 10 km from Bran Castle, located in the middle of nature!

More information about Ranch Pension Poiana Marului on their official website:

The registration office will be open on October 5, between 12.00-20.00.

Booking information:

The price is 130 Ron (27 euros) per person / day (with breakfast included). For lunch (dinner) and dinner, you can find multiple options below:


For soups, at choice, maximum two types!

Peasant beef soup: 15 lei
Peasant chicken soup: 14 lei
Beef goulash soup: 30 ron
Bean soup in a bread bowl: 22 lei
Belly soup: 25 lei

Baked chicken legs with rosemary potatoes: 26 lei
Grilled trout with rosemary or polenta and mujdei: 38 lei
Sarmale with polenta, sour cream and hot peppers: 32 lei
Duck legs with walnut sauce and potatoes with rosemary: 40 lei
Transylvanian stew in a clay bowl, made of pork neck with puff pastry: 28 lei
Grilled smoked pork muscles with rosemary potatoes: 38 lei

Royal sea bream with vegetables and asparagus: 38 lei
Sea wolf with tomato sauce and shrimp: 50 lei
Garnished meat with polenta and pickle salad: 38 lei
Pork tenderloin in ham coat with horseradish sauce and potatoes with rosemary: 42 lei
Duck breast with risotto and melon sauce: 45 lei


Homemade biscuits flavored with mascarpone cream: 20 lei
House pie: 20 lei
Chocolate soufflé with ice cream: 25 lei
Perfect: 18 lei
Burnt sugar cream with passion fruit: 18 lei
Papanasi with sweet cheese and jam: 20 lei large portion / 10 lei small portion
Pancakes with jam / ice cream: 20 lei / 10 lei


Total, 73 lei / person, which includes:

1) Grandma's tree (deer salami, wild boar, babic guhiemem, bellows cheese, sheep's milk, mice in a tree and tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and pretzels.)
2) Mix Grill (1 small mutton, smoked pork neck, peasant potatoes) including brandy, pickled cherries or raspberries (50 ml / person).
3) Papanasi with raspberry jam.


WE CAN ORGANIZE CAMPFIRE: at the price of 300 lei!

There are 10 double rooms for us (Pension has 20 rooms).

It is forbidden for participants to bring food from home!

For registration, a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the 3 nights (195 Ron- 41 Euro or 36 Pounds Sterling) is required, the deadline being 30 September. The number of places provided in the Pension is 20! First come, first served, with the mention that at least 6 places are allocated to newcomers! If the number of participants exceeds 20 (a surplus of maximum 10 people), their accommodation is no longer guaranteed in the Pension, but they will be able to participate in the Convention (provided they take at least one meal a day at the Pension), there are multiple other places accommodation nearby!
Payment will be made in Revolut account, IBAN GB35REVO00997076174613, BIC REVOGB21 or in Revolut bank account (linked to telephone number 0040763676661) number 07989393, sort code 04-00-75 (for residents of Great Britain), and alternatively, for Romanian participants , in the ING account RO58INGB0000999908131377, on the name of Marinescu Toma Cristian, with the mention “Raelian 7 October”. For those who make a bank transfer (and do not pay by card), the Revolut account belongs to the United Kingdom (so be careful when entering data)! After making the payment, you can send us the proof by e-mail or whatsapp (you have them at the end), together with your full name.

The remaining 50% (195 Ron) will be paid in CASH at the registration office (October 5, between 12.00-20.00). P.M

There is no registration fee for this event!

NOTE! The 50% deposit is non-refundable if the reservation is canceled, so please take this very seriously! The only refund option can appear in case of cancellation of the event or of the airlines' flights!

To participate in this event, you must be 18 years old. Young people over the age of 15 are also accepted, but ONLY WITH THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT OF THE PARENTS!

Transportation: The largest airport is Henry Coanda, Bucharest (195 km from the Ranch). Then, there are trains from Bucharest to Zarnesti (8 km from the Ranch), and from there we will take you with your own cars. Or there will be a good chance to have your own cars, with which we will take you directly from the airport!

From Henry Coanda Airport there is a direct bus (number 780) to Gara de Nord (Bucharest Main Station). Tickets are very cheap and can be taken directly from there - they have automatic cars.

You can buy train tickets here

Very important and interesting: in the price of the rooms (which are very spacious and high level) we will have the conference room (80 sqm), the games room (with billiards and ping pong), an artificial football field, plus access to the disco, with sound included!

It will be possible to rent bicycles (they have beautiful mountain trails) and you can shoot with a bow!

The price-quality ratio is very good, according to our humble appreciation!

For more information, you can call or write to us at any time, on WhatsApp, at the dedicated number, 0040771756801, or at the address romania©

We look forward to this event, in a fabulous place, 10 km from Dracula's Castle :)

P.S .: after the event, we can have the opportunity to stay 2-3 more days, for those who want an even bigger fraternity and connection. Please let us know if you want this!

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